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January 8, 2009


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× allows users to swipe copywritten material from anywhere on the web and import it onto the site and then create collages or "sets" from imported images. Polyvore supplies the graphics application which can be used to create derivative works and remove watermarks and copyright information from imported images.

More often than not these images are not credited back to the original creator and in nearly every instance images are swiped without the express permission of their creators.

Here,… Pasha Sadri, owner of the Polyvore website, admits in a response to an artist whose original artwork was stolen and manipulated using Polyvore's graphics application to make illegal derivatives, "polyvore is meant to be a fashion website. people clip product images (from a site like and use the images to create fashion layouts. that is why we have the clipping tool. we potentially earn money if someone goes from polyvore to gap to buy that product (eg: gap pays us a commision). we do not directly sell anything, like your images."

This means this service is a partnership with large retailers. This also means there is absolutely no reason why Polyvore should include an ability to clip any and every image from across the net if it is merely a "fashion website".

Polyvore has not actively educated its users on copyright and has not taken any initiative to aid in the protection of intellectual property, rather it has created an atmosphere that not only condones but encourages intellectual property theft. Coupled with the fact that the owner of the website has made his intentions clear, that the website is to be a "fashion website" and nothing more, this gross misuse of intellectual property that is so clearly outside the scope of the website's intent must cease immediately.

Cease and desist letters have been sent by droves of artists whose images were stolen from blogs, personal websites, portfolios, and venues through which work is sold and although images are taken down initially, many of the same images reappear on the site later on. A cease and desist does *not* expire and should not need to be sent more than once.

Images are taken from direct sources in an overwhelming majority of instances where the owner of the original work is easily accessible to reach regarding use of their work on the website. Users do not do this and simply import these images as they are found. Polyvore's system makes this a one click action aiding in the swift theft of intellectual property which is a direct violation of United States Copyright Laws.

Because this problem has persisted for the last year without a solution that satisfies both sides set in place as well as Pasha Sadri's apathy and subsequent income while artists original work become "casualties" of Polyvore's service and ultimate goal, we artists feel we have no other choice than to publicly call for the Polyvore website to be shut down or the removal of all images not owned by companies is directly affiliated with either through written permission from individual artists or prior and future commitments with retailers.

With the Orphan Bills Act in Congress currently we as artists need to be diligent in enforcing our copyrights now more than ever.

If you would like more information regarding this ongoing issue, please visit the following links to see individual artists take on the matter -…… right-theft-at-polyvore-com……

And most recently....…

We artists need to protect out intellectual property and will not stand idly by while our work is so clearly infringed upon. Thank you for your support.


Yes, there is a petition making the rounds. Regardless of your feelings on online petitions and their effectiveness or lack thereof, it's a single place to come together and have one's voice heard, should you find yourself against Polyvore's current practices.…
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RiuRio Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2010
Oh for crying out load, just stop them from clipping images from your site. It's really quite simple.
sagittariusgallery Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
Heh. Not so easy to do when one sells through 3rd party venues.

So, really, it's not quite so simple.

This also does not negate the fact that permission must be obtained to utilize copyrighted work in such a way.

I will say Polyvore, last I checked, has been addressing these concerns. This is really rather old news seeing as the article was posted 2 years ago. For crying out not as loudly.
RiuRio Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2010
There's no need for sarcasm _
sagittariusgallery Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
Meh. The phrase "for crying out loud" was rather patronizing. I was responding in kind.

I do honestly hope my initial explanation clears up any confusion regarding simply blocking users from clipping from individual sites.
buysnsmall Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2010   Interface Designer
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Winters-Avatar Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2009
If a large company is involved then there is nothing "legal" about this. I wonder if we can take polyvore to court... or something to that effect. Anything to get this site shut down and the artwork theft STOPPED
SavinaSnell Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
The only thing I have to say about this is that though there are a few Polyvore users that actually understand copyright laws, is that there are thousands more that just don't care.

I DO NOT GIVE ANY PERMISSIONS For my art to be used outside of Deviantart. And if I due I ask for compensation. Why? Because THIS is my job, how I support myself.

I've seen countless collages on the internet using MY FRACTALS! That's my work going down the drain. It's not just polyvore either. There are people that I've seen go into any art site, take an image, print it off or download it, then SIGN THEY'RE NAME TO IT.

I don't care if it's not polyvore's fault or the users. I actually think a petition is a good idea. I know there are probably going to be many users that are going to be upset about this but think of the message it will send.

If Polyvore gets shut down, and it being one of the major image players, especially by a petition of a lot of people, maybe someday it will be heard that copyright's are important.

We're not trying to sound completely outraged, though we should, we're just trying to keep our art OURS. We put our heart and soul into making our images and we'd like to think that people understand that. But I'm sorry to say that art theft, in any form, is art theft. Whether you are doing it knowingly or unknowingly. I'm glad to hear that some users credit their sources, that makes me happy all the same that I still get credit for my art, but how about all those others that don't?

The problem is that even if we only keep going back to ask them to remove the images, it's that people keep putting them up. There's just too many people doing it. Because of that everyone is going to take a fall because we can't sort through all the good users who understand copyright. Millions of people use this sight. That's a lot of people to go through and find who does everything by the book and who does it.

Even if the site doesn't get shut down, we're simply trying to keep artists informed about their art. Yes this is going to continue to happen, and yes we're going to fight that too. Simply put we have every right to be upset.
I use myself, and I completely know the issue that you're talking about.

I sort of make these "art" sets too, but before I'm mobbed, hear me out.

IF I use any pictures, I never use any from deviant, and I credit the artist, name of picture, and source.

Now that doesn't make it right, but all I'm trying to say is don't hate them/us. Although, I must say, if they don't credit you, they deserve whatever hell you throw at them ;)

Just ask them to take it down. This happened to me once, and I took it down immediately, with an apology.

We really don't mean it, and the majority of people make fashion sets. Although I haven't made an "art" set in a good time, I use my own photo-manipulations from deviantart (On my other account).

Oh, and I truly think that this is NOT the staff of polyvore's fault. I acutally admire them for standing by their users, but trying to stop the copyright infringement issue. I hope that your problem ends quickly, and you're photos taken down from there :)
Good luck!
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